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Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 10:59 AM CDT
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Star Wars Kenner Puzzle: Corridor of Light

Bounty Posted
Bounty Posted - Death Star Detention Area
After the first Bounty was claimed so quickly, I've been receiving email with people asking what they should be looking for next. (And 'yes', I'm certain I don't need six more Rebel Fleet Trooper Helmets...)

For the second Bounty, you're going to have go all the way back to 1978.
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New Section - Bounty Offered

Bounty Posted
Have you got a spare _______ ... ?
For years I've told stories about the long drawn out searches I've performed looking for a last piece I needed to complete one of the sets in my collection. From time to time, the person I'm talking to responds, ''Hey. I have an extra one of those. Why didn't you ask me?''

Well, hopefully those days are over for me with this new section. I'm going to begin posting Bounties for pieces I'm missing, starting with the one pictured to the left.

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