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Monday, July 28 2014 @ 11:23 AM CDT
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Collection Diary 01/05/13

Collection Diary

A Busy Day On Foot and In The Mail

A fairly unsuccessfully trip back to Kroger to pick up some LEGO planets for a friend yielded a surprise. Kroger stocked a new Darth Vader 'grandson' birthday card. So congratulations to whomever came in behind me to clean out the LEGOs... and Thank You for leaving the greeting cards alone for me. :)

The next stop was Walmart where I found these 2-packs of socks by HYP on sale for $5 each. The first set are Darth Vader and Stormtrooper helmets. The second set is Yoda and R2-D2. They're adult sized so I'll finally be able to slip my feet in for some Star Wars comfort.

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Collection Diary 01/04/13

Collection Diary

R2-KT The Pink Droid with a Heart of Gold

Today Charlotte the mail lady brought me the next run of R2-KT patches. The first one is actually a re-run of the original Christmas patch. Also included in the set are an R2-Kt with antlers and a North Pole patch. The loop on the last two patches are to hang them as ornaments, or else the loop can be removed and they are standard patches. There is one more patch coming but a production snapfu held it up. Watch for it to arrive one day very, very soon.

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Collection Diary 01/03/13

Collection Diary

Quickly! To The Grocery Store!

75% off. Really? Need I say more?

A trip to Krogers last night for some peppermint ice cream set the stage for a nice LEGO find. In the holiday section which now boasts a 75% mark down, there were some LEGO planet sets ($2.50 each!) and a couple of Darth Maul movie hero figures. (I guess a devil-looking villain wasn't necessarily a good stocking stuffer this year.)

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Star Wars 2013 Class I Vehicles!

Online Shopping

Buy One, Get One 50% Off!

Toys R Us Online has the new 2013 Class I Star Wars vehicles in stock and on sale for "Buy One, Get One Half Off"!

The first wave of vehicles includes: 501st Legion AT-RT with ARF trooper and Tactical Droid; Yoda's Jedi Attack Fighter with Yoda and Super Battle Droid; and MTT Droid Fighter with Battle Droid and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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Collection Diary 01/02/13

Collection Diary

Playpack and Calendar Lead The Year

Star Wars Angry Birds was the 2012 "Game of the Year" and one of the most demanded cross-overs in Star Wars history!

Just in time for Christmas there was a flood of merchandise available including t-shirts, sleep pants, backpacks, drawstring bags, puzzles, and a whole range of plush figures.

Today while unpacking Christmas, two more items have been added into the collection... a Star Wars Angry Birds Grab and Go PlayPack and a 16-month wall calendar.

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2013 - Let The Next Golden Era Begin!

New Releases

Ferrero Chocolate Star Wars Twistheads

The last time we saw Star Wars toy premiums from Ferrero Chocolates they were cute little blue hippos parodying our favorite characters. Brand new for 2013 is a new set of figures, tasked with a new twist.

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The Time Has Come For History To Repeat...

My Opinions

Today we're going to party like it's 1985!

Sometimes if we express the same opinion for long enough, we become so comfortable with it that we believe it's true without ever stopping to reexamine it.

There's one collectible that I personally obtain every one of, yet advise others to avoid collecting any more of than they have to... Calendars!

Calendars are in the 'paper goods' category, and are wonderful tools to track days, appointments, and holidays throughout the year while also getting to see some wonderful monthly images of our favorite film saga. After the year has expired though, there is nothing remarkable about the abundantly produced calendars that would give them any cause at all to retain their retail value, much less appreciate or gain in any value for collectors.

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Ten Years of Star Was Guide


It all started with an after-Christmas shopping trip to the mall to search for sale and clearance items. The first edition of our Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book had just been released, Episode III was highly anticipated, and the community was in need of a non toy-focused collecting news source. (That's us.)

It has been a wild ten years! Star Wars is back in theaters in 3D, with more movies promised by Disney. The book has seven editions out now; the collecting database is a graphical collection tracker used by more than a thousand people around the world... The website has made a difference in the community.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who stop by and read our pages faithfully. (In October we crossed the 5 million hit mark!) We are looking forward to another ten (or more!) years ahead! And if you just happened to stumble across our site on a Star Wars web surfing adventure, please bookmark us and check back in often. We'll be here providing news and information just for you.

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Star Wars MTT Droid Carrier Vehicle with 20 Battle Droids

New Releases

The Next Large Star Wars Vehicle Is Coming!

It's finally here! Over 10 years in the making, Hasbro has brought the giant Trade Federation MTT (Multi Troop Transport) vehicle from the Star Wars saga with an obscene amount of action figures. 21 action figures are packaged in this thrilling set, including 20 Battle Droids and the Jedi Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi as seen in The Phantom Menace. Not only is the vehicle huge, but it's designed with a noble purpose in mind: crushing Gungans. The electronic battle and Droid sounds will make the action all the more intense as you fire the vehicle's missile launchers and pivot the cannons in battle. Most impressive of all, the giant vehicle has an auto-deploy feature which can send your Battle Droids off to war. You've never seen anything like this before!

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Star Wars Collecting Database Design Overhaul

New Releases



After 1,200 Users, Somebody Should Have Said Something...

The original screen design is straight out of 1996. Hand drawn on graphing paper, the ultimate data interface was refined for nearly three years before finally written in 1999. The user base crossed 1,000 collectors at Celebration IV in Los Angeles in 2007. Five years later, after the invention of smart devices and availability of high speed communication, the popularity of the database tapered. After a year of discussions with collectors about what they really want, the Star Wars Collector's Database has been retired and the new Star Wars Collecting Catalog has been released!

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