Austin Fan Force Meeting - June 7th, 1 pm

Monday, June 02 2008 @ 07:00 AM CDT

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Austin, Texas - June 7, 2008
One and all are welcome! Hope to see you there! -GrandAdmiralStrife

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1:00 PM - ?
DOG & DUCK PUB, 27th and Guadalupe St, just south of MLK Blvd

Happy Summer everyone!

This month's meeting will be a bit hectic, as there will be a lot to cover and I'll be short on time, as even though I requested the day off I know have to go in, albeit later than usual.


Group photo with R2-D2 before he departs for Japan!
We don't have a current group photo and this seems like a good excuse to get one. :D

San Diego Comic Con 6/23-6/27

  • who is going?
  • Midnight Madness occurs during Comic Con (Fri midnight/Sat morning), but still no confirmation of that in Austin

    Celebration Japan
  • I know no one is going, but my sister-in-law will be there with our trusty R2 in tow. We should get some great pics and maybe some goodies back with the droid in time for Clone Wars.

    Clone Wars: The Movie (8/15)
  • obviously this will be one of our two big events for the year, so I'd like input from everybody on what you'd like to see from a Clone Wars event, from which theater to have it at, to which days (Just a Friday night thing or all weekend), any games or such. A GREAT opportunity to get our name out the in the community. Since the next meeting would be the anniversary party, we need to spend the most time planning this month, and then see where we are in July.

    AFF Anniversary Party
  • as Chris pointed out last week, the group's birthday is coming up in July. Traditionally a hard month to get people out, as it does replace the monthly meeting somewhat, because the first weekend happens to be 4th of July. We need to pick a date and place, and as Melissa said this is a perfect time to try to get a multi-fan force gathering. I am contacting the other groups this week to gauge interest. Again, though, tough month as the first weekend is America's birthday and the last weekend is SDCC, so that leaves July 12-13 and July 19-20.

  • the other big event of the year for us, SWFD2 will again be in Dallas this October 25 and 26. It's too early to do any real planning, but I want to get that out there to everyone, as I'm thinking ahead to hotel availability. I'd like to gauge interest on possibly trying to see if we can get a group discount as compared to everyone going their own way to see if we can save some money. Erika and I will be there Fri Sat Sun.

  • to follow-up on last month, I spoke to Shellachead about bringing his skills to the table for us again, but unfortunately he had to say no. However, Erika is quickly learning Photoshop so let's talk about what we'd like to see in a new shirt. Best two or 3 ideas will be put up in a poll next week.

    I think that about covers it, if you have anything to add post here and I'll squeeze it in somewhere....

    Your Chancellor,

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