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Saturday, April 19 2014 @ 02:35 PM CDT

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    Write This Star Wars Collectible Off?

    eBay Treasures
    Something To Write Home About...

    As we approach the Star Wars 30th Anniversary, I took a few moments to glance backwards in time to some of the previous anniversaries and what they had to offer. eBay provided a reminder of a 20th anniversary exclusive. Seeing this now, it's hard to believe it's nine years old. I still remember (clearly!) buying my own!

    Star Wars: A New Hope - 20th Anniversary Fisher Space Pen

    QVC exclusive. Number 2,666 of 10,000

    From the auction text:
    This Cool Fisher Space Pen celebrates the 20th Anniversary of STAR WARS. It was exclusive to QVC. The pen works fine and is mint condition with holder and box. It is 3 1/2 inches long. I great little item that I could not find anywhere else on eBay.

    Right now it's going for $13.00 including postage and there haven't been any bids placed on it for two days. The Fisher pen alone is worth the money with the Star Wars anniversary aspect a definate bonus! To bid on this fine piece, please Click Here.
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