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Thursday, October 27 2016 @ 11:24 PM CDT

PEZ Tells Collectors Exactly How Much They\'re Worth

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The Most Dedicated Star Wars Collectors Get Burned The Worst

Non-collectors look at my boxed crystal PEZ set... you know the one; it's the limited edition of 10,000... and ask, "You paid how much???"

For most other collectibles I can proudly announce numbers. Either I've gotten a great deal, or an item is fantastically valuable. Otherwise the price isn't even part of conversation. In the case of my crystal PEZ dispensers, I must mumble sheepishly, "$75 for the set... direct from PEZ."
Link to: PEZ exclusive Crystal C-3PO
Link to: PEZ exclusive Crystal Darth Vader
Link to: PEZ exclusive Crystal Yoda

I admit, even I thought I was being gouged at $25 a dispenser when they all seemed to be made of common materials. I'm a sucker for 'limited editions', and when PEZ had come out with their Toyfare plated dispensers for 'exhibitors only' many years ago, I was hooked on trying to find a 'special set'. Emotionally, I was hoping this would be a good substitution for the Toyfare set.

Perhaps you've noticed that second photo above. Yeah, the bagged set. The set that eBay 'scalpers' are commanding $10-$15 for the set of three. It turns out that the only thing limited to 10,000 in the $75 PEZ set was the packaging box with plastic stand. Watch for them to be plentiful (bagged) at retail after April 2nd. Without any apology to supportive collectors, PEZ has decided that their Star Wars crystal PEZ dispensers are really only worth $1.00 each after all.