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Monday, October 24 2016 @ 08:26 PM CDT
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Jakks Pacific 18 inch Han Solo

New Products

It's... Complicated.

The 20" series of Jakks Pacific action figure dolls hasn't officially listed the 18" Han Solo smuggler figure on their line-up yet. They did however feature him in one of their promotional videos, which is how we got his image.

Han's overall look strikes us as a Johnny West figure from the late 1970's, which might just be a good thing. A solid traditional gunfighter  pose. Han has his trusty DL-44 in hand and according thie video has seven points of articulation.


Aside from the Luke and Han in stormtrooper disguise figured that have been recently released, this is the first time we've seen Jakks try to do a traditional human form (sans armor, fur, or kilted black fighting outfit) and we must say... we approve.



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Report 3: Toys R Us ... TOYS!

New Releases


So many Star Wars surprises in the aisles of Toys R Us!
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Report 3: Toys R Us Christmas

New Releases


Still unable to find the specific items we were hunting for, we headed over to Toys R Us. Christmas fills up the entry, so it was the first place to start. A solid combination of re-packs and new items, we were pleased with our initial finds. Holiday Star Wars character lights by Kurt S. Adler include Yoda and R2-D2. Resin figures of Darth Vader, a stormtrooper, and even Chopper from Star Wars: Rebels were plentiful.
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Report 2: Sam's Club, AtHome, Big Lots, and Crocs

New Releases

Often in the past it has been difficult to locate specific toys at Sam's Club. had reported an electronic verison of Hasbro's Hero Series X-Wing Fighter there. With only moderate hopes of spotting one, we walked in and there they were! A featured toy. Without much else to shop for, it was a very quick and exciting shopping trip at Sam's.

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Report 1: Battle Creek, Michigan

New Releases


A recent trip to the Northeast gave us a great opportunity to shop stores we don't have in the Dallas, Texas area. Stores like Mendards, K-Mart, and Meijers. We also ised the opportunity to check out specialty stores like Hobby Lobby. Check out some of the goods we were able to find!

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TOY COLLECTING: Time To Buy? Time to Sell?


TOY COLLECTING: Time to Buy? Time to Sell?

"Values Soar As Fans Await New Film from Lucas"

No, it isn't the latest breaking news. It's a cover story from Starlog Spectacular #7, distributed in June of 1993. The news (rumor?) at the time was that Lucasfilm was going to be releasing a new trilogy in the Star Wars saga in 1997, just in time for the 20th anniversary of the franchise. What we got instead was the Star Wars Special Editions, followed by Episode I in 1999. A small disappointment in the delay and then a big disappointment in the delivery.


So with Episode VII looming over us in 15 short months, we took a look around to see if this generation of fans is as stoked as we were in the day. The answer? Nope. Star Wars is certainly on their radar... as are all of the other Marvel hero films and dreams of Galaxy Rangers II. Modern toys and collectibles are continuing on their hum-drum course of being affordable, neat and nitchy. Vintage goods are holding their upper-tier values since the old guard is holding them dearly with memories of the glory days, keeping their availability on the open market very limited.


In 1997 when the Special Edition was released vintage toys were 10-15 years old. In 2015 when Episode VII releases, the re-launch figures (Power of the Force II red cards) will be twenty years old. Many of the POTF2 figures had a higher value at the time of their release with collectors flocking to the shelves than they have now... many closing daily on ebay for only a couple of dollars to open and no bids placed.


The difference between the 'vintage' years and the 'modern' years as far as collecting goes is tied directly back to the films themselves. The vintage merchandise was created so that fans of the films could have something with the imagery and memories - something to hold on to - when we weren't able to sit in the theater and watch the films over and over again. Merchandise today floods the market because it's cool to collect stuff. Do you wish your collection had some value too? Look to Disney. If they can bring back the love for the films, values will rise. Otherwise... well... it's cool to collect stuff. Enjoy it.


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Star Wars Missions Continue!

Online Shopping
The latest wave of Star Wars Missions figures are now available!

Today we found all five of the first wave of the 2014/2015 Star Wars Missions figure sets for sale online, at what we see them for on the pegs at retail... and in our case (possibly yours too...) FREE SHIPPING!

Curious which figures make up the new wave and how to order them? Read on for the scoop!
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Star Wars Database Joins Mobile Technology

Database Updates

The Star Wars Collecting Database lists over 90,000 pre-identified Star Wars collectibles; many with images to make look-up an easy task. Information already entered makes cataloging a collection fast! Find it, tag it, done!

Available for Windows since 1998, this above-all-others database is now available for Android as well!
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Time and Experience: Reflections on Visual Collecting

My Opinions


Let me tell you. I started pictorially documenting my collection back in 1997 with a "VGA Camera" that took (at the time) stunning 640px x 480px images. Using Paintshop Pro v7 on Windows 95 I got pretty good editing out the backgrounds. The image on the left is a sculpted schoolbox of Jar Jar Binks manufactured by Impact, Inc. that I shot and edited in 1999. At the time I had impressed myself by being able to capture and present the detail of the piece visually.


The image on the right is the same schoolbox, unearthed from my collection, and photographed at 14 megapixels. The image on the left is 1:1. That's the entire photo in size. The photo on the right is only shown at 12% of it's actual size...

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Star Wars Pop! Bobble Heads by Funko

New Releases



After the SDCC exclusive "Luke Skywalker (Hoth) and Wampa" bobble head sold out so quickly and is going for crazy high prices on Ebay, we weren't too surprised that the latest wave of Star Wars POP! bobble head figures suddenly appeared at retail today. Prior to their being put out we hadn't seen a notification that they were going to be released or what they were... they were suddenly just there. We checked some of the larger online retailers and sure enough, we should have seen them coming. Our goal today is to make sure you aren't caught by surprise as well...

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